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Hi, My name is Lou Dominguez and I am working on my 4th full-length album of original music,Hangin’ at the Luna Star. 

Although I have spent over a decade in the U.S. playing and performing, I spent three and a half years in London, UK between 2016 and 2020 where I was able to connect with the local folk and general music scene hosting open mics and showcases. The advantages  more of a global view of acoustic music It was an incredible experience, where I met and played with some unbelievable musicians. I even recorded and engineered a collection of demos for a young, up and coming singer/songwriter in London. Throughout all this time, writing and re-writing my own material. Ironically, the longer I was in London, the more deeply I connected with my own Americana roots. 

Four years ago I returned to the U.S., reconnecting with the folk and acoustic music community in South Florida with which I was involved from 2005 – 2015. The centerpiece of that music scene was then, and still is to this day, The Luna Star Café in North Miami, Florida. This café has been in business for 28 years, (if you know anything about Miami, that does not happen, ever.) and it’s a mystic place which inspires creativity, imagination and community in me like no other place in the world. 

Auspicioulsy, when I returned to the U.S. on July 4th, 2019 I brought these songs back across the pond with me. I knew I had something special with this crop of songs, but still I re-visited, revised and re-wrote. And then….. the world shut down for a while. So, though I’ve been back four years, it feels more like two years since time stood still while we all tried to figure out how to live through a difficult and trying time. 

Since then I have continued my steady involvement in the Luna Star Community by hosting a monthly open mic night, putting on a monthly songwriter showcase and hosting an artist on the first Saturday of every month as Vice President of The Folk Club of South Florida. 

The songs range from the auto-biographical, like ‘Hank Songs at the Luna Star’ and ‘Once Upon a Time’, political, like ‘United States of Debt’ and a version of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Talkin’ Bout a Revolution’, relationships, like ‘Just Anyone and ‘The Runner Up’, the environment, ‘Our Maldives’, addiction, “Last Time Again, and even songs about writing songs, ‘Feels Like Saying Amen’ and ‘Write Yourself a song”. There is a little something for everyone on this record! 

The reason I am recording these songs now is because I believe they are ready. This is the best work that I’ve ever done and with some of the rough mixes coming back to me, I am confident this will be my best Album yet. 

The new album is called “Hangin’ at The Luna Star” and it is shaping up to be a better collection of songs than anything I’ve ever released. The musicians who are playing on this record regularly record in Nashville and in Muscle Shoals.


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