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Lou Dominguez has released his third album, "We the People," and we're a lucky bunch of listeners. Lou sings about immigrants, the working class, religious hypocrites and iraq war veterans. The album was written in less than a year and examines characters and situations that are unique to our experience. This is a concentrated stomp of brothers in close quarters. There's no room to rest. The album is a platform to jump into the deep end.

John Shelton Ivany

Acoustic Live December 2013

Lou Dominguez - We the People

This album has a simple, homespun feel. The singing is no-frills, straightforward storytelling by a Jersey boy of Cuban heritage. Lou Dominguez’s parents fled the Castro regime in the 1950s. They seem to have imparted a passion for what democracy is supposed to mean. While I was slow to warm to its low-key approach, I couldn’t resist “Citizens United.” This guy’s been reading my mail. There’s a party on the hill, you and me we ain’t invited / Citizens United / The lobbies and the super PACs are all super excited / Citizens United / They argued corporations and people are the same / Five judges rushed it through in the thick of night, rigged the game / Now money equals speech but my speech can’t buy a thing / We had them on the ropes, they bought the referee and ring / Charles and David Koch are delighted / Citizens United. As far as I’m concerned, that encapsulates the situation as good as anything I’ve said or read. Lou also tackles our inability to deal with our gun crisis, our imperfect justice system, veterans returning from war with post traumatic stress disorder, crazy Facebook rules and a few other current topics. His approach is simple and earnest. It can seem like preaching at times, but I find myself agreeing with him anyway. A lot of food for thought here.

Acoustic Live in NYC December 2013

Blue Pie Records Reviews Nov. 2013

Lou Dominguez new album is more than meets the ears! (11/01/2013)

Lou Dominguez is back on the music scene and has released a new album titled 'We The People' that stands out from hit tracks. The album includes new tracks that are more than just catchy beats. Instead of repetitive and catchy lyrics, Lou’s songs tell a story that many will be inspired, heartfelt, or intrigued about. Lou Dominguez even tells the story behind one of the songs in the album:

Cornelius Dupree was convicted of a crime he did not commit. He spent 30 years in prison because he refused to make a plea bargain or to admit guilt and be released with time served. I can't stand being accused of a mistake when it's not my fault, so this kind of story has always intrigued me. The manner and the dignity with which he handled this awful period of time is nothing short of remarkable.Cornelius Dupree was freed with the help of the Innocence Project, and now works with the project helping free other wrongfully convicted innocents.”

To share the excitement of his new album release, Lou Dominguez has even released a free song titled ‘The Facebook Song’ that you can download on his official website here. The song explores the truth about Facebook and the damaging effect it can have on its users. So if you’re tired of listening to the same old repetitive catchy songs on the chart hits, venture outside you comfort music zone and give Lou Dominguez album a go in the link below. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!  

Blue Pie Reviews

Rootstime (a dutch translation , please pardon some of the phrasing)

Lou Dominguez is a singer- songwriter of Cuban descent from Vienna, Virginia.  In 2008 his first album "As Good As You Want " was released under the stage name " Brother Lou ' , followed in 2010 by a second album" The Devil In Me ". Both albums produced by John Jay Martyn were all reviewed by yours truly . Many of his early songs were politically oriented and often formed an accusation against the world's injustices.

For his first album released under his own name , "We The People " Lou Dominguez has once again shown himself inspired by events of the day and the events in his the US, where the first black president has ensured that there is a lot of hope in the hearts of Americans has come . 

On the opening track " Citizens United " he immediately starts with a protest song against the PACs , the " Political Action Committees " which are spreading like mushrooms in the US and infecting US politics. 

In " Cornelius Dupree " he brings the incredible story of the eponymous innocent death row inmate who 30 years after his arrest for sexual assault was found to be innocent after DNA and forensic tests showed that it was some else whom perpetrated the crime.

In the song "Record Store" Lou Dominguez describes how, in his youth he explored the many record stores in search of his favorite music on vinyl  and how that experience of roaming through a record store has all but disappeared.

In" Gun Country " in he takes aim at America's liberal gun laws allowing the massacre on December 14, 2012 which took place in the school of Newtown , Connecticut. 28 people were killed that day, mostly school children.

In " All The Way To Iraq" is  about a soldier struggling with society after returning from the war in Iraq. The Facebook Song" ( see video) brings Lou Dominguez ironic and funny story about the foolish struggle he had with Facebook trying to send out new friend requests.

Then we find " Hey Jesus" ( the religious fanaticism of some so-called religious groups ) and "Tonight" ( the hunger for money and power in politics ) two songs back on the track list of " We The People " who also were on his first " Brother Lou' album" As Good As You Want .

Lou Dominguez closes with a song which puts things into perspective " Weight Of The World " in which he states that we sometimes need to let go and take things too seriously . This album produced by multiple Grammy Award ' nominee' John Jennings (including Mary Chapin Carpenter,  and John Gorka )