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Lou Dominguez

John Shelton Ivany JSI Top 21 – “Lou Dominguez has released his third album, ‘We The People’ and we are a lucky bunch of listeners”
Lou Dominguez is a modern day folk singer and award winning songwriter in the tradition of Phil Ochs, Pete Seeger, Bruce Springsteen and Woody Guthrie.  Lou does not shy away from political and social issues while still being able to deliver heartfelt songs about every day experiences.

We The People reached #11 on the Folk DJ Chart, November 2013We The People was the #20 most Downloaded Album on the Airplay Direct's Global Folk and Bluegrass Chart, December 2013
--Citizens United                                   
#10 on the offficial Folk DJ Radio Chart  (tied)
--All The Way To Iraq
#10  on the official Folk DJ Radio Chart   (tied)