The Story Behind 'We The People'

Over the past year, I was working through writer's block. But ironically just watching the news or reading a story would provide the fodder to break through it, so if I had a gut reaction to something I heard or read, I felt compelled to do more research.  With a little encouragement from some friends, I found my passion for these different subjects helped me churn out a new song just about every two weeks. 

 Personally, I've never been content to sit by and wait for change. So writing about these observations and in giving life to these protagonists, I find there is hope - that we, the people can be a force for change to transform our world, but that only truly happens when we all pull together. 

 These songs seem to tell some of our stories - from different walks of life and orientations. They give a brief cross section of some of our unique culture, living and surviving in this country.  If you dig deeper into America's foundation, our own Constitution is a unique and brilliant document in that way. It can be changed, amended, improved, but to take a much quoted line, it is "We The People" who must be that force that demands the changes we must make in order to form a more perfect Union.

Unfortunately we seem to live in acrimonious times and it is sometimes easier to embrace cynicism than to face our challenges. At times, we face greater dangers in the world every day, but at the same time, we have pushed through changes that 30 years ago would have seemed impossible--to have an African American in his second term as President, legalized same sex marriages, and to be able to employ science to use DNA evidence that over-turns wrongful convictions almost every day.
Within "We The People," I have written about such topics as corporate greed, our gun crisis, our imperfect justice system, our veteran’s returning from war with post traumatic stress disorder and much more.  And yet, while Americans have at least our fair share of problems, Winston Churchill perhaps said it best:
“You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they have exhausted all other possibilities.”
Sometimes it feels like we are very close to exhausting those possibilities.  This CD is about you and me and the people we see and interact with every day. Together We The People will bring about that positive change.  –  LD 2013

*****A special thanks to Kari with Kari Estrin Management & Consulting and to my producer John Jennings for their help in nurturing my inspiration and in helping me to create this album.
****The CD is produced by John Jenning's (Producer and guitar player for Mary Chapin Carpenter) and two of the songs are co-writes with John Jennings.  Feel free to get in touch with Lou!

**** Better Days is a song written by Bruce Springsteen and used on the CD with Permission.

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